Retractable Folding Arm Awnings

Colourful Canvas - first choice for Folding Arm Retractable Awnings

A folding arm awning is a very versatile shade solution that is ideally suited for use in most outdoor entertaining areas like terraces, courtyards and alfresco dining areas. Available in a wide variety of quality fabrics and colours that will compliment your décor, our folding arm awnings are all custom-designed and tailor-made to fit your location - exactly.

The folding arm mechanism itself is extremely strong and can span an area up to a massive 17 metres wide. The awning can be extended outwards to as much as 3.6 metres to provide as much as 60sqm of shade. The awning can also be tilted to maintain and maximise the amount of shade delivered as the sun rises or descends.

Other advantages of a retractable folding arm awning is that it can be rolled away entirely into its unobtrusive cassette when not required, or fully extended without any other means of support. Unlike a fixed roof structure, there is no need for vertical posts so you can position furniture to make full use of your outdoor entertaining area.

Adjusting the awning is easy. It can be extended, retracted and tilted manually or by using a remote control when an optional electric motor is fitted.

Even with the motorised option installed, our retractable folding arm awnings use very little energy so they are kind to the environment and your hip pocket too! The running cost is minimal, amounting to less than $1 a year if you opened and closed the awning every day.

That's why some people opt for a fully automated version with sun and wind sensors that will extend and retract the awning to suit the prevailing weather conditions.

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