Alfresco™ Blinds

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You won't find a more diverse range of Alfresco and patio blind systems than at Colourful Canvas.

Roll Up Blinds

Often referred to as ‘café blinds', we measure up and custom-manufacture every blind to ensure an exact fit. You can choose from a range of high quality materials including clear or tinted PVC, woven mesh, canvas, or a combination of these fabrics.

It is important to remember that these materials offer different advantages. For example, PVC blinds can turn an outdoor entertaining area into an extra living area you can use all-year-round. They provide complete protection from winter winds and rain and are entirely see-through, so they do not obstruct your views. On warmer days they can be rolled up to allow cooling breezes into the area for added comfort.

As an alternative, we can custom-make your blinds in canvas for 100% protection from the elements, or woven mesh which offers the best of both worlds. Because they are see-through, mesh blinds retain your outlook while blocking up to 90% of the hot summer sun. They also provide a similar level of protection from winter winds and rain.

Ziptrak® Blinds

Ziptrak® is a superior blind system that does away with the ropes, pulleys, zippers and buckles that are normally required with traditional roll-up blinds. The secret to Ziptrak® blinds is the use of clever slotted tracks fitted on both sides of the blind. This very unobtrusive tracking system means that the blind can be raised or lowered with ease and stopped at any height or position.

The track extrusions are made from high grade aluminium and can be powder-coated in any colour to match your décor. The blinds themselves can be made from clear or tinted PVC or woven mesh.

Unlike other inferior tracked systems, we weld a unique spline onto the edges of the blind material. This is designed to fit the tracks exactly and when installed, ‘locks' the blind into place making it more secure, even in windy conditions.

Another advantage is that the Ziptrak® system will always keep your outdoor blind taut, giving it a far neater and attractive appearance.
At Colourful Canvas we can install your Ziptrak® blinds using either an easy to operate manual system or with a fully automated motorised system that is activated via a remote control that raises or lowers your blinds to any position as if by magic!

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