Patio Shade (PatioShayd™)

Colourful Canvas - leader in Outdoor Patio Shades

PatioshaydTM is a very versatile shade system that is custom-made for installation under almost any timber or steel pergola structure or an existing clear glass or plastic sheeting roof such as in a conservatory.

Opening and closing your PatioshaydTM is very quick and easy using a pull cord that extends or retracts this patio shade system to the desired position. This means that you have complete control over the amount of shade needed to suit the position of the sun at any time of day.

The PatioshaydTM system can be made using a wide range of durable fabrics in diverse choice of fashionable colours and patterns. It is a simple and easy to use system that will provide an excellent level of protection and shade from direct sunlight meaning you can stay a lot cooler during our hot summer months or enjoy basking in sunshine on colder winter days.

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